Education Department

Purpose Statement

The mission of the Education Department at Saint Xavier University is to prepare professionals to enter the field of education with knowledge, competence, dedication to lifelong learning and commitment to excellence. The graduates of education programs at Saint Xavier University are grounded in liberal arts, including an ethical and spiritual dimension that respects individuality and diversity and stands ready to provide caring service in varying communities.

The Education Department at Saint Xavier University is a community of undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, staff and administrators who strive to achieve the goals of the University through the sharing of experiences, understandings, modes of argument and applications of educational theory to educational practice. These goals are realized in an environment of spiritual development and intellectual vigor.

Spiritual development is anchored in the belief of the fundamental dignity of all persons, an openness to all persons of any race, creed, gender, economic class, social standing or disability. All of the members of SXU's Education Department community are included in the dialogue of human dignity by challenging each other to reflect on a teaching career as a conscious choice to serve requiring the development of habits of openness, hopefulness, kindness, persistence and self-reflection. Community members are further challenged to take an active role in issues of social concern.

Intellectual vigor is grounded in the belief that intellectual growth is critical to human fulfillment. Knowledge is active; acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong pursuit. The knowledge required of teachers involves an understanding of the arts and sciences that enables students to integrate their knowledge of content with the educational structures required to enable children and adolescents to learn how to learn.

Intellectual vigor further requires the ability to:

Each member of SXU's Education Department community enjoys a reciprocal relationship with others in the community. Faculty, administrators, staff and students collegially engage in inquiry that results in spiritual development and enhances intellectual vigor. The mission of SXU's Education Department is to serve the University, the school districts in Illinois, and the people of the immediate and broader communities with continuous support through in-service education, staff development and clinical services. This service incorporates a commitment to act in solidarity with the economically poor of the world, as well as women and children.

SXU's Education Department is also committed to developing new knowledge in the field of education through the individual and collaborative research of faculty and students. It is integral to the work of the community of scholars, which makes up SXU's Education Department.