Language and Literature Department

Language and Literature Career Opportunities

Why Choose Language and Literature?

The Language and Literature Department will provide you with the tools you'll need in a time when information proliferates endlessly, and where knowing how to interpret and evaluate the words, images, and sounds that abound will help you navigate the world around us.

The courses you take in these programs will help you develop the critical literacies needed for any exchange in a media-saturated world. Students learn how texts work and the influences they carry on the reader; they therefore gain expertise in managing the relationships between text and self, text and others, and text and world.

Possible Career Paths

English Majors

Majors in English have enjoyed success in a broad variety of endeavors: as members of the "creative class" -- artists, broadcasters, editors, entertainers, advertising and public relations personnel; as development professionals in the not-for-profit sector; and marketing analysts. And while English majors have long been valued by law schools, they are increasingly prized by business schools and medical schools -- especially if armed with an appropriate minor.

Spanish Majors

Majoring in the Spanish tracks will enable further exploration of your own and other cultures and will aid you in developing more advanced cognitive abilities as a result of linguistic praxis. Graduates in the Spanish tracks have gravitated toward the health industry and to jobs in marketing and sales careers. Indeed, the incorporation of the advanced study of Spanish language leads into careers such as nursing, communication sciences and disorders, law enforcement, and the expanding, Spanish-based U.S. and international business markets have given our majors a considerable advantage within a challenging job market.

English or Spanish Education Majors

Opportunities to train as teachers of Spanish and English are also offered in the Literature and Language Department, with additional support from the Education Department. A major in Spanish can make possible a career in teaching at the elementary and secondary levels, or it can lead to a path of further study in graduate school. Concentrating in English Education prepares students to teach at the middle and high school levels, though our students have also pursued graduate degrees in order to teach at institutions of higher learning.

The Center for SUCCESS offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in language and literature or Spanish.

Internship Opportunities

The Language and Literature Department works together with Saint Xavier University's Office of University Relations to allow students the opportunity to intern as a blogger, content editor or assistant social media specialist. With approval from the department chair, Dr. Angelo Bonadonna, students may work for the entirety of the semester for pay or course credit.