Language and Literature Department

Language and Literature Scholarships

The Language and Literature Department at Saint Xavier University has cultivated an environment for developing and enhancing analytic, communication, critical reading, and research skills. Students majoring or minoring in English literature or writing are a valuable part of the SXU community as they possess an ability to bring an understanding of language, complex theories, and contextual evidences to their other classes, clubs and interactions. Saint Xavier is interested in retaining and rewarding the students of the language and literature discipline through financial aid.

Saint Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships available to students University-wide and to students who fall into certain parameters like a specific major or academic year. There are a variety of other scholarships are also offered outside of Saint Xavier, which we call outside scholarships, that you may be eligible to receive based on the establishment's requirements. For more information concerning these scholarships and their application details, please visit the scholarship directory.

Thomas Deegan Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas Deegan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time junior or senior English major with a minimum GPA of 3.5. A written essay is required. This scholarship was established through the generosity of Mrs. Janice H. Deegan, '69, and contributions made from former students and friends of Tom Deegan.

Daniel B. Fleming '93 Memorial Award

The Daniel B. Fleming '93 Memorial Award is a scholarship for English students who are pursuing teaching careers. This scholarship helps students defray costs during their (unpaid) teaching practicum. It is open to English majors, specifically those majors pursuing secondary certification in order to obtain a teaching position. This scholarship was established through the generosity of Mrs. Mary Fleming, '04.

Sister Dorothy Marie Peschon Scholarship

The Sister Dorothy Marie Peschon Scholarship is an annual award that is given to a student majoring in one of the University's foreign language study programs.