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Spanish Student Stories

Aurelio Mendez spanish student

Aurelio Mendez
Spanish for the Professions

I am a happy and proud sophomore student at Saint Xavier University, with a double-major in Finance and Spanish. The new and exciting challenges found in SXU provided me with the determination to work hard in school and to establish myself as an ambitious, persistent student. This program inspired me to chase one of my long-time dreams: studying abroad in Spain. Studying in Spain and earning a major in Spanish combined with Finance would help anybody in international business by refining oral and written skills, which are a cornerstone of effective, professional business communication. Many people in the U.S. understand Spanish, but only a few communicate in it properly and with confidence.

Spanish Student Jocelyn Antonio

Jocelyn Antonio
Spanish for Secondary Education

I am a senior at Saint Xavier University and majoring in Spanish for Secondary Education, while also working toward an endorsement in ESL/Bilingual Education. After touring the Saint Xavier campus and learning about its history and demographics, I decided that this school was the one and have never regretted that decision. The professors I encountered and studied under have been so helpful on this journey. I have learned so much more about the Spanish language, and my speaking and writing skills have improved greatly. I thank SXU for such a wonderful journey, and I look forward to using everything that it has taught me after my time here is done.

Spanish Student Josselyn Benavides

Josselyn Benavides
Spanish for Secondary Education

I am a senior, enrolled in the Secondary Education Program at Saint Xavier University. I am working toward a Professional Educators License with a minor in Communication. As a school of Mercy, Saint Xavier University has gifted me with a rewarding Catholic education that embodies an appreciation for diversity, shows commitment to students' knowledge and is constantly involved in current issues that affect us as a culturally diverse university. Mastery of a foreign language opens a world of opportunity, helps overcome social barriers and makes traveling internationally more immersive and engaging. As a Mexican-American woman that identifies as Chicana, learning more about my own culture has given me a sense of individuality and led me through a path of self-discovery.

Spanish Student Maggie Gruszka

Maggie Gruszka
Spanish for Secondary Education

Attending Saint Xavier for my four-year college experience was by far one of the greatest life decisions I have ever made. Saint Xavier has an excellent Education program, which is one of the main reasons I decided to attend. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2018 with a major in Spanish Education. The faculty and staff of Saint Xavier have been very supportive and helpful throughout my college career. I especially want to thank the Spanish professors who allowed me to discover my passion for learning about the Spanish language. I cannot begin to express how much I have learned from these professors in the last few years; they taught me how to master a language that I did not understand just three years ago. I am extremely grateful for their support and cannot wait to utilize all they taught me in my future career as a Spanish teacher.

Spanish Student Rocio Gonzalez

Rocio Gonzalez
Spanish for the Professions

I am a double-major in Finance and Spanish for the Professions. Initially, I began with only a Spanish minor. Since I am a native Spanish speaker, I wanted to refresh my knowledge and dominance of the language. Once I began taking part in classes, I decided to declare a double-major. The environment that the faculty creates in the classrooms is amazing! I love the energy and sense of familiarity we all experience while being part of the Spanish community of SXU; we all want each other to succeed. I truly believe that being able to fully dominate both English and Spanish will serve me with an advantage in my professional career. It also allows me to expose myself to different cultures and to see the world from two very different points of view.

Spanish Studend Guiulianna Cespedes

Guiulianna Cespedes
Spanish Minor

I am a senior at Saint Xavier University completing a major in Psychology and two minors in Sociology and Spanish. At SXU, I have found one of the most wonderful things any person can enrich their lives which is diversity! From wonderful lectures and classroom discussions, to advice and new friendships, the professors, advisors, student body and staff have all played a supporting role in my school life and have left their prints forever in my heart. Helping my community is my primary commitment. My dream is that soon, I will be able to open a center with professional help for all members of the community, specializing in teens and parents who face issues with violence, drug abuse, gangs, etc., where they can find help to overcome their struggles utilizing the provided resources, information, education and, most importantly, love! My community is largely composed of Spanish speaking members who need to and deserve to communicate at a professional level with representatives and leaders within their community. Strengthening my Spanish language, along with the understanding of a person's behaviors as individuals and as members of the society, will allow me to be better prepared to provide adequate services that my community members deserve.