Mathematics Department

Mathematics Career Outlook

Why Study Mathematics or Mathematics with Secondary Education?

Mathematics is an integral part of a liberal arts education and is the foundation for many areas of study. Students who major in mathematics are prepared for entry into graduate schools and for entry into business and industrial positions which require a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

Job Skills Developed in Mathematics and Actuarial Science Majors

This programs proves courses that cultivate critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration to ensure students acquire the quantitative methods needed in their chosen field of study. As a mathematics major, you will be developing these skills analytical skills, creative problem-solving approaches, and the ability to logically communicate complex ideas which in turn will foster lifelong learning and application to their field of endeavor.

To be an actuary one needs to possess high-end math skills, technical skills in finance, communicate effectively verbally and in writing, and work well in groups or teams.

Possible Career Options

This program prepares mathematics students for leading roles in business, computer science, actuarial science, industry, government, and teaching or for graduate programs by offering a full range of undergraduate courses that build a strong foundation in the mathematical methods. Our mathematics majors qualify for careers in business, industry, government and teaching. Our graduates are employed as actuaries, statisticians and in other positions at firms such as:

Graduates are pursuing and have pursued advanced degrees at:

Actuaries are in great demand in many settings, such as insurance, pension plans, hedge funds, banks, and other financial institutions where their main task is managing risk and evaluating decisions involving risk. Being an Actuary has rated in the top three jobs in the United States for a number of years due to dynamic working conditions, opportunity for advancement, and job availability.

The Center for SUCCESS offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in mathematics.