Mathematics Department

Math Scholarships

The Mathematics Department at Saint Xavier University builds an environment for students to developed analytical skills, creative problem-solving approaches, and the ability to logically communicate complex ideas which in turn will foster lifelong learning and application to their field of endeavor. Students majoring or minoring in mathematics or majoring in actuarial science are a valuable part of the SXU community. Saint Xavier is interested in retaining and rewarding the students of the mathematics discipline through financial aid.

Saint Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships available to students University-wide and to students who fall into certain parameters like a specific major or academic year. There are a variety of other scholarships are also offered outside of Saint Xavier, which we call outside scholarships, that you may be eligible to receive based on the establishment's requirements. For more information concerning these scholarships and their application details, please visit the scholarship directory.

Edwin J. and Mildred B. Keene Scholarship in Mathematics

The Edwin J. and Mildred B. Keene Mathematics Scholarship was established by Dr. Carol A. Keene, '61, in honor of her parents. This scholarship will be awarded to a student whose declared major is mathematics or mathematics education. The applicant must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all mathematics or mathematics education classes as well as in all other University classes.

Catherine H. Malin Scholarship

While she only spent two years as a student at Saint Xavier, Catherine Malin never forgot her experiences here and remained a loyal supporter throughout her life. The Catherine H. Malin Scholarship was established through a request in her estate. The scholarship will be awarded annually to an outstanding student with the highest GPA in mathematics courses and with the basis of exemplary academic achievement and leadership. The award will be granted based upon review by mathematics faculty members.

Sylvia M. Schlunk Award

The Mathematics Department and the Computer Science Department accept applications for the Sylvia M. Schlunk Award to be awarded to a student of one of these departments who has demonstrated interest and ability in mathematics and/or computer science. The award is given annually and can be applied toward tuition, fees, room and board, or living expenses. The award may also be used as reimbursement of tuition for a summer course.