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Music Scholarships

The Music Department at Saint Xavier University provides a supportive learning environment that promotes the attainment of knowledge and artistic expression. Within a broad cultural context serving the University and surrounding community with a variety of cultural opportunities and educational activities, students majoring or minoring in musics are a valuable part of the SXU community. Saint Xavier is interested in retaining and rewarding these students through financial aid.

Saint Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships available to students University-wide and to students who fall into certain parameters like a specific major or academic year. There are a variety of other scholarships are also offered outside of Saint Xavier, which we call outside scholarships, that you may be eligible to receive based on the establishment's requirements. For more information concerning these scholarships and their application details, please visit the scholarship directory.

Edwin J. and Mildred B. Keene Scholarship in Art and Music

(Rotates between the Art and Design and Music Departments.)

The Edwin J. and Mildred B. Keene Scholarship in Art and Music was established by Dr. Carol A. Keene '61 in honor of her parents. In the Music Department, the Keene Scholarship will be awarded to an entering freshman who should have an overall high school GPA of 2.5 in a 4.0 system and who has declared music as a major. The scholarship will be awarded upon a departmental audition with the music faculty (or a tape for an out-of-state student).

The recipient will be eligible to renew the scholarship during his/her college career by maintaining a 3.0 GPA in music classes and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in a 4.0 system. If the recipient changes his/her major from music, he/she shall forfeit the scholarship.

McShane Scholarship

The McShane Scholarship is available to incoming students majoring in music with a minimum GPA of 2.5 upon their admission to Saint Xavier University.

Sinon and Catherine O'Donohue Scholarship

The Sinon and Catherine O'Donohue Scholarship is available to freshmen students who are declared music majors. Applicants must also demonstrate a talent for piano and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. This award was established through the generosity and vision of the late-Sister Mary Simeon O'Donohue, '52, in memory of her parents. Additional donors to the scholarship fund are the friends and family of Sinon and Catherine O'Donohue.