Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Department

Phil, Religious studies and theology Career Outlook

Why Choose Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology?

An education in philosophy or religious studies provides you with the ability to think critically and analyze the great questions surrounding every area of life, including life itself. While philosophy questions the basics of human existence, religious studies focuses of the general nature of religion as a human phenomenon. Both the philosophy major and the religious studies major examine cultural ideologies in a global mindset.

Job Skills Developed in Philosophy and Religious Studies Majors

Coursework and faculty research in both programs advocate critical thinking, thoughtful engagement with historical and current questions about the common good and practical skills in writing, reading, and information literacy, as well as dedication to the spirit of life-long learning. These skills are invaluable for a variety of career options.

Possible Career Paths

Graduates of the department have gone on to pursue work in a variety of fields, including:

Career Services Center offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in philosophy or religious studies.