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Brian Klug

Fellow of the College


Brian Klug, former associate professor of philosophy and current fellow of the College of Arts and Sciences at Saint Xavier University, is senior research fellow in philosophy at St. Benet'''s Hall, Oxford, a member of the philosophy faculty at the University of Oxford, and hon. fellow of the Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at the University of Southampton.


Research Interests


My work lies mainly at the intersection between academic philosophy and certain social and political controversies concerning religion, race and pluralism in the contemporary world. I try to adapt appropriate philosophical methods and approaches and bring them to bear on such thorny issues as antisemitism, Islamophobia and multiculturalism. These are all issues that are fraught with conceptual confusion calling for both logical and rhetorical analysis. I broach these issues in two contexts: Europe and the Middle East, specifically the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These two interests are reflected in my involvement in two projects sponsored by the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, a leading Austrian think tank based in Vienna. One project is 'The Vienna Conversations', which is tackling "the missing sense of 'togetherness' among Europe's citizens and manifold communities." The other is 'Jewish Engagement with the Arab Question', which is one half of an initiative (the other half is 'Arab Engagement with the Jewish Question') that seeks to bring a group of Jews and Arabs into engagement with each other's experience, history, needs and perspectives.

Separately (but not unconnected to this work), I pursue questions in Jewish philosophy and in philosophy of religion and culture more generally, drawing especially on the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Projects and Work in Progress

Together with Dr. Jayne Svenungsson (Stockholm School of Theology), I am organising a one-day international symposium, "Justice, Hope and Redemption: Jewish Perspectives", sponsored by St Benet's Hall, Oxford, 2 December 2014. The six speakers are from France, Sweden and the UK. Two publishers have expressed a tentative interest in publishing a volume of essays based on the symposium, which Dr Svenungsson and I would co-edit.

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