Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Department

Philosophy John J. Ziegler Memorial Lecture Series

The John J. Ziegler Memorial Lecture Series brings a distinguished academic philosopher to Saint Xavier University to address a wide audience on a topic of general interest.

John Ziegler was a member of Saint Xavier's faculty and Philosophy Department from September 1956 to December 1987. During those years, he made many outstanding contributions to both the Philosophy Department and the wider University community. In September 1995, Professor Ziegler passed away. His colleagues, friends and former students will always remember him for his keen intellect, zest for learning, commitment to liberal education, kindness and sense of humor.

Dr. George Matthews, then vice president for academic affairs at Saint Xavier, dedicated the 1995-96 academic year to the spirit of John Ziegler. During that year, the Philosophy Department proposed the creation of a lecture series to honor Professor Ziegler's memory. Thanks to the generosity of the Ziegler family, as well as donations from fiends and colleagues, the proposal became a reality.

We have been fortunate in having the following distinguished group of philosophers deliver the Ziegler Memorial Lecture since its inception in 1996:

Bernard Williams "'In the Beginning was the Deed': Can political
philosophy shape the future?"
Alasdair MacIntyre "Aquinas and the Problem of Moral Disagreement" 1998
Stephen Toulmin "Rediscovering Reasonableness" 2001
Robert Pippin "Bourgeois Self-Hatred: On the Fate of the Ideal
of a Free Life"
Adriaan Peperzak, Ph.D. "Ethos, Critique, and Faith in Education" 2010
Peg Birmingham "On a Universal Right to Politics: Refugees, Political Borders, and a New Conception of Citizenship" 2016

Beginning 2009, the Ziegler Memorial Lecture is presented biennially.