Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Department

Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Scholarships

The Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Department instills in students a passion for deeper understanding of life and the world around us all. Because of their ability to identify, analyze and evaluate social problems and issues, students majoring in philosophy or religious studies play a crucial role in the SXU community. Saint Xavier is interested in retaining and rewarding these students through financial aid.

Saint Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships available to students University-wide and to students who fall into certain parameters like a specific major or academic year. There are a variety of other scholarships are also offered outside of Saint Xavier, which we call outside scholarships, that you may be eligible to receive based on the establishment's requirements. For more information concerning these scholarships and their application details, please visit the scholarship directory.

Carol A. Keene Philosophy Scholarship

The Carol A. Keene '61 Philosophy Scholarship will be awarded annually to a sophomore who has submitted a proposal for research to be conducted junior and senior year. Throughout her career, Dr. Keene has demonstrated her dedication to scholarship and the liberal arts at Saint Xavier. She received her undergraduate degree in philosophy from Saint Xavier College. The Edwin J. Keene Math Scholarship and the Mildred B. Keene Art and Music Scholarship were both created in honor of her parents several years ago.