Psychology Department

Psychology Career Opportunities

Job Skills Developed in Psychology Majors

The study of psychology offers students ways to acquire new skills and to enhance existing skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate programs, such as professional writing, formal presentation, scientific communication, data analysis and quantitative fluency, critical thinking, technology and information fluency, interpersonal effectiveness, and much more.

Possible Career Paths

A degree in psychology provides the foundation for a variety of career paths. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, the student might expect to find work in such fields as:

Earning a bachelor's degree in psychology also may position students for further study at the graduate level. For instance, by earning a master's degree, students may pursue employment in community counseling, school counseling, marriage and family therapy, management, and other occupations in public and private industry. Many graduate programs in psychology require students to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission. Students considering graduate training are therefore encouraged to take courses in skill areas emphasized by the GRE. These skill areas include language/verbal skills, mathematical skills and analytic skills.