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Julie A. Deisingerjulie deisinger

Professor Emeritus


Areas of Specialization

Abnormal psychology, autism spectrum disorder, stress and coping, psychological assessment


Dr. Julie Deisinger is a Chicago native who earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1996 at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to working at SXU, she began teaching in 1994 as an adjunct faculty member, first at Governors State University and later at Roosevelt University. In 1998 she joined the Psychology Department at SXU, where she served as the department chairperson from 2009-2013.

Important teaching objectives for Dr. Deisinger include promoting awareness about the scientific basis of psychology and combating pseudoscience. She has been a three-time nominee for the University's Teaching Excellence Award and a four-time recipient of its Excellence in Scholarship Award. Dr. Deisinger is a member and former co-chair of SXU's Institutional Review Board. Her professional service has included work as chairperson of the Women's Issues Section of the Illinois Psychological Association. She also has been a textbook reviewer and an ad hoc reviewer of research manuscripts for several journals. In 2015 she was named a Fellow of the Midwestern Psychological Association.

Dr. Deisinger attained licensure as a clinical psychologist in 1998. She is a proponent of cognitive-behavioral therapy and maintains a part-time private practice where many of her clients are individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

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