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Art and Design

Art Learning Outcomes

Saint Xavier University is dedicated to providing top-quality education that is intentionally designed to develop your skills and expertise as you prepare for the next step in your education or career. The learning outcomes reflect the specific competencies that you will gain from our art program, while the curriculum map portrays how these competencies will shape and prepare you for the real world.

Learning Outcomes

Art and Design Learning Outcomes

  • Students should be conversant with fundamental elements and principles of 2 and 3-Dimensional Design, including color, space and media theory mixed with broad outlines of art history.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate basic skills in a variety of art making techniques (such as drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics, printmaking, sculpture, web and/or video) and advanced skills in at least one art medium.
  • Students should be able to synthesize art historical references, media proficiency and design principles in order to propose, execute and defend a body of new artworks.
  • Students should demonstrate the ability to analyze, critically assess and write about art from different times and places around the world.
  • Students should also be able to assemble a representative portfolio of their own fine art and/or graphic design.

Curriculum Maps

Art and Design Curriculum Maps

If you would like to learn more about what you can expect from the program, please review the following: