Guest Lectures

Honors Guest Lecture 1999-2000

Dr. Dominic Pacyga - Urban Historian

Dr. Dominic Pacyga

Dr. Dominic Pacyga, a widely respected urban ethnic historian and author of many books and articles on Chicago neighborhoods, delivered a fascinating lecture titled "The Chicago Kaleidoscope: Race, Ethnicity and Class in the Windy City" and conducted a lively follow-up discussion.

He compared the settlement and assimilation stories of a wide range of ethnic populations who immigrated to Chicago. His audience was riveted by his colorful anecdotes that brought the history of Chicago neighborhoods vividly to life - from the original settlement, to the Great Fire or 1871, to Back of the Yards in the "hog butcher" age, right up to the present.

Many in the audience were able to relive their own ethnic history in Chicago, while all were compelled to consider the ways in which race, class and ethnic differences have troubled, divided and ultimately strengthened this great city.