Guest Lectures

Honors Guest Lecture 2005-2006

Professor Cass Sunstein - Expert on Constitutional LawCass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein, Karl N. Llewellyn Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, Law School, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago, delivered a lecture titled "Mobs and Blogs: Red States, Blue States and Democracy's Echo Chambers" at Saint Xavier University as a guest lecturer for the Honors Program. Drawing upon the values of free speech and deliberative democracy—Professor Sunstein examined the troubling impact of selective media use in our culture.

Cass Sunstein is one of the country's leading authorities on constitutional law and the structures of government. He has authored scores of books and articles on human rights and the responsibilities of citizens and of government in a democracy. His books include: Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right Wing Courts are Wrong for America and The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Constitutional Vision and Why We Need it More Than Ever.