Saint Xavier University McCarthy Hall

Philosophy and Religious Studies Faculty

Molly Sturdevant

Associate Professor of Philosophy



Dr. Sturdevant's specializations are early modern philosophy, Spinoza, natural philosophy, environmental ethics, materialism, and sustainability studies. Her doctoral thesis analyzed the role of objective reality in Fransisco Suarez's Metaphysical Disputations, and argued for the presence of a Suarezian ontology of concepts in Descartes' Meditations. Her research continues to flesh out material themes both as ideology critique as well as a method for understanding the natural world. Currently, she is composing a work which takes up new materialist theories in order to argue in favor of an embedded and obligatory human ethos.

Alongside courses in early modern philosophy and advanced courses on Spinoza's Ethics, Dr. Sturdevant regularly teaches a Philosophy of Nature course. The course takes seriously the question of urban ecology and the idea of sustainable cities, while also conducting close readings of historical texts regarding nature, force, ideology and politics.  

Recent Publications

1. "Suffering the Bite: Risking Complexity as an Approach to Philosophical and Intellectual History" New Directions in the Humanities: Humanities Education, Issue 14, Volume 4, Winter 2014.

2. “An Economy to Begin With: The Possibility of an Environmental Ethic in the Work of Hannah Arendt” Co-authored with J. Matthew Noonan. Verbum Incarnatum: an Academic Journal of Social Justice. Volume 5, Spring, 2012.

3. “Whether Earthquakes are Lovable: Knowing Nature in the Wake of Disaster” Perspectives: International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy, Volume 4, 2012.

4. "The Necessity of Concepts and Possibly Ontology: Jean-Luc Marion on Ontological Arguments," Quaestiones Disputatae 1, no. 1 (Fall 2010): 174-189.