Meet Our Faculty

Molly Sturdevant, Ph.D.

DePaul University 2009

Molly Sturdevant's primary field of research is in early modern and scholastic philosophy. For her doctoral thesis, she investigated the role of objective reality in Fransisco Suarez's Metaphysical Disputations, and has argued for the presence of a Suarezian ontology of conceptual structures in Descartes' Meditations. She has presented on Suarez's conception of the soul to the European Science Foundation Summer School at Radboud University, Nijmegen, (July 2008). Recently, Dr. Sturdevant has presenting the following papers in her primary area of research: "Concept Creation in Gilles Deleuze's What is Philososphy?" Society for Phenomenology and Existentialist Philosophy (November 2010), and "Turning, Tending, Cleaving: Medieval Expressions of the Will's Activity in Descartes' Fourth Meditation," Illinois Mediaeval Association (March 2011). 

Dr. Sturdevant's research in early modern philosophy extends to theories of the natural world and to contemporary ideas about humans' abilities to shape natural landscapes. She has designed and taught courses on the philosophy of green-building, architecture and environmental ethics, and continues to develop curriculum in environmental philosophy. She recently piloted a course at Saint Xavier entitled Philosophy of Nature, and has presented a paper entitled "Whether Earthquakes Are Lovable: Toward a Dark-Ecological Response," at Saint Xavier in April 2011. She also leads the SXU undergraduate Philosophy Club. Her recent publications include: