Saint Xavier University Graham School of Management

Graduate Programs

MBA/J.D. Dual Degree Program

The John Marshall Law School and Saint Xavier University have established a joint academic program in law and business that will enable students to earn advanced degrees in a shorter period of time by enrolling in these institutions simultaneously to pursue a Juris Doctor degree at John Marshall and a Master of Business Administration at Saint Xavier University.

Degree candidates interested in the dual MBA/J.D. program must apply to each school separately. Upon acceptance to both schools, the degree candidate may begin the program at either school, though the first year of law courses must be taken at John Marshall. No MBA courses may be taken during the first year at John Marshall. Part-time students can attend classes simultaneously at Saint Xavier University Graham School of Management and John Marshall. This program would apply only to GSM's Generalist/Individualized concentration.

Pre-Approved Courses for MBA/J.D.

John Marshall Law School

John Marshall Law School offers up to twelve semester hours of elective credit toward the dual MBA/J.D. degree, as applied to the Generalist/Individualized concentration.

Some courses from John Marshall may include:

  • Contracts I
  • Civil Procedure II
  • Property
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • Lawyering Skills I
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Expert Learning
  • Evidence
  • Contracts II
  • Lawyering Skills II
  • Civil Procedure I
  • Lawyering Skills III
  • Lawyering Skills IV
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Professional Responsibility

And various electives in Employee Benefits, Information Technology & Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Business & Trade Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law and Trial Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

Graham School of Management

Graham School of Management offers up to nine semester hours as elective credit toward the dual MBA/J.D. degree.

Pre-approved courses include:

MGMT 500: The Management Experience (3)

*Prerequisite: MGMT 404

This course examines the effective management of people in organizational settings. The course focuses on managerial and leadership function/skills in organizations and the impact on accomplishing the goals of the organization. Critical issues such as self-awareness, interpersonal perception, communication, employee motivation and engagement, diversity in the workplace, high performance work teams, performance management, ethical decision making and change management are explored.

MGMT 570: Business, Ethics and Governance (3)

Business, Ethics and Governance critically examines the major social, political and economic forces impacting business organizations. Topics include social accounting, labor relations, technological change, consumerism, pollution, government regulation, ethics and morality and equal opportunity. An emphasis will be placed on management's response to societal issues as the corporation attains its mission and goals. This course is designed to increase the students' awareness of ethical problems and how these problems affect managerial and corporate responsibility to individuals and to society.

MGMT 590: Strategic Management and Policy (3)

*Prerequisite: FINC 521 and MKTG 560, completion of 24 hours of program courses or permission

Strategic Management and Policy is a capstone course that builds on and integrates key concepts and ideas learned in the core courses. Emphasis is placed on how these issues affect the manager and the corporation overall.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions, please contact:

David M. Parker, MBA, J.D., LL.M. National Security Law, LL.M. Human Rights Law, CFE
Assistant Professor, Division of Accounting and Finance
Director, Center for the Study of Fraud and Corruption
Graham School of Management
Saint Xavier University
3825 West 103rd Street
Chicago, Illinois 60655