Meet Our Faculty

James Steyskal, Ed.D.

James SteyskalAssistant Professorial Lecturer

Program Leader Educational Administration

Email: steyskal@sxu.edu

Area of Specialization

Leadership; Service Leadership, Educational Finance; School Law, Paradigm Development, Leadership and Educational Policy Studies


Jim has served as a public school educator and administrator for 34 years, most of his time as a superintendent of schools. His areas of expertise in the field of leadership, paradigm alignment, student centered service, mentorship, and educational community support systems continue. Jim has served and continues to serve on a wide and vast area of leadership programs, organizations, educational and community groups. He also is committed to aligning leadership to service, social justice and assisting in areas of special need, working with many organizations and groups to serve those less fortunate.

Jim’s current work extends to align to the initiatives of change within the public schools in leadership and the ability to promote and ethical standard of commitment and integrity in leadership while serving educational communities, staff and students. Jim also finds time to work with campus ministry on various service-initiated projects and does mission and service work for Native American Indians within their cultures and climates, aligning to needs, assistance and educational and mentorship opportunities.

Jim provides a vast series of workshops and leadership training on philosophical leadership in educational environments. He also builds community-based, partnerships and consortiums, relative to needs within a group and aligns them to leadership practice, skill sets, mentorships and diverse needs.

Courses Offered

Selected Publications 

Insight and Thought: A Comparative Analysis of the Inherent Self, Education, and Philosophy, September 1994.

Objectives of Life, December 1997.

The Need For Serving Others: Leadership, Education, Service – Through Mission and Focus in New Mexico for the Navajo Indian Nation, October 2011.

Principal Redesign Program for Leaders Through State Board of Education, December 2012.  

Selected Honors

Leader of the Year (South Cooperative Organization for Public Education) 2000

Leadership Development Institute (IASA and Motorola University). 2000

Visionary Leader Award (South Cook High Schools), 2007