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School of Education Candidate Disposition Self-Assessments

Candidates in the School of Education are required to develop and model moral and ethical dispositions that are expected of educators, as articulated in the conceptual framework of the School of Education. NCATE requires the SOE to assess the development of these professional dispositions in all candidates. To this end, all candidates are required to self-assess the demonstration of the five dispositions articulated in the conceptual framework at the beginning and the end of their programs.

Demonstration of the five dispositions must be done on the LiveText Web site. You do not need a LiveText account to access the link.

(Note: Read the directions completely before beginning.)

Directions for Candidates

If you are enrolled in one of the courses listed below, you are required to submit your self-evaluations of SOE dispositions two weeks prior to the final class.

  1. Access the form at the LiveText website.
  2. Fill in the initial data fields requiring name, academic program, level, course, etc. 
  3. Self-assess the level of your display of the seven dispositions by checking the appropriate rating:
    Target The candidate displays the disposition regularly and reliably
    Approaching The candidate displays the disposition occasionally
    Unacceptable The candidate displays the disposition infrequently
    Not Applicable The disposition does not currently apply to the candidate
  4. Write supporting evidence in the appropriate box to indicate the way(s) you display the disposition.
  5. Click “Submit” at the end of the Form to submit it. You will get a confirmation of your submission. Note: If you wish to keep a copy, print the completed form (use the browser’s “Print” button) before you hit the “Submit” button.
  6. Inform your professor/instructor you have completed the self-assessment.

Courses Requiring Candidate Disposition Self-Assessment

Program Initial Evaluation
(1 hour initial course)
Final Evaluation
(1-3 hour capstone course)
School Counseling 500 546
(internship in counseling)
Early Childhood 300/470 348/443
(student teaching seminar)
Educational Administration 527 564
Elementary 300/470 345/445
(student teaching seminar)
Teaching & Leadership (FB) 525 542
(action research project II)
Music 300/470 Music 352/Edu 352
(student teaching seminar)
Reading 572 578/585
(reading/writing connection
Secondary 300/470 349/444
(student teaching seminar)
Special Education 300/470 558
(student teaching seminar)
Speech/Language Pathology 204 355
(clinical practicum)