CPD Partnership

Tuition and Fees for Police Officers

Deferred payment and waived fees

Saint Xavier University has partnered with the City of Chicago to offer a secure, streamlined payment solution that saves students time when making education payments. Students do not need to submit their own grade documents for tuition reimbursement, SXU will prepare and submit the necessary information for tuition reimbursement to the City of Chicago on their behalf. And as an additional way of our saying thank you for your service, registration and student fees are waived for our First Responder students.

As a courtesy to our First Responders, as part of the Saint Xavier University/Chicago Police Department Partnership in Education program the University will allow our CPD students to have a student balance of up to $6,000 and still be allowed to register for classes. However, students with outstanding tuition balances of $6,000 or greater will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester until their balance is brought below this amount. If you have questions about your account balance, please contact our Bursar's Office.

For more information, please visit the Bursar's Payment FAQs page.

Saint Xavier University provides high quality educational programs at an affordable cost. And while we understand that our CPD students receive financial assistance from the City of Chicago and this assistance is sometimes delayed, the ultimate financial responsibility belongs to the student. At its core this policy is part of our commitment to ensuring we can continue to provide high quality educational programs at an affordable cost to all of our students.

Book Loan Program

As students, you know we all pay big bucks for textbooks -- but did you know you can borrow them for free? As part of Saint Xavier University's Chicago First Responder Scholarship and as a gesture of gratitude and the University's commitment to supporting our First Responders who make such a difference in our community, Saint Xavier University provides loaned textbooks free of charge to qualifying individuals in gratitude of your service.

The SXU Book Loan Program allows you to borrow textbooks to use for courses you are currently enrolled in until the last day of class in the same semester. Please note that the costs of college textbooks are high and this continued benefit is contingent on the return of the loaned textbooks Therefore, all borrowed books must be returned before the final day of the Semester in which the book was borrowed. Late returns may result in a hold of student record and full price for books not returned.

The SXU Book Loan Program is part of our mission to create and maintain a respectful, patient and efficient environment in order to assist students to the best of our ability.

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