M.A. in Education Dual Endorsement

Master of Arts in Education Dual Endorsement LBS I and Bilingual/ESL

First 100% online program in Illinois

Earn a Master of Arts in Education online in just five semesters! Saint Xavier University's M.A. in Education Dual Endorsement program is the first in Illinois to provide you with a master's degree and two endorsements in the high-demand areas of special education and ESL or bilingual education.

Create a diverse and inclusive classroom

As a teacher who holds a professional educator license (PEL), you can gain instructional and assessment strategies for immediate application in your classroom. You will also:

The M.A. in Education Dual Endorsement program allows you to move up in your career quicker or qualify for a new career as a special educator, ESL educator or a bilingual educator at the grade level of your PEL.

One graduate degree plus two endorsements

LBS I Endorsement

The Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS) I Endorsement program provides you with all the tools, resources and expertise needed to serve as a special educator or as a more proficient general educator to students with disabilities in your general education classroom.

Learn more about the LBS I Endorsement program, including courses and program requirements.

Bilingual or ESL Endorsement

When you earn a bilingual education endorsement or an ESL endorsement, you develop the skills and capabilities necessary to serve students who are English language learners in a general education classroom, co-teaching setting or push-in or pull-out model, such as a dual language model.

Learn more about the Bilingual or ESL Endorsement program, including courses and program requirements.

The SXU Advantage

Learn from Meg Carroll, Ed.D., professor of education, who teaches courses in special education and instructional methods. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and staff development days throughout the state of Illinois with over 1,150 combined presentations. Dr. Carroll has also published five books and over 35 articles on the topics of special education. Dr. Carroll serves as president for the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois and has presented on topics such as "Diagnoses that Influence Behavior: What To Do," "Curriculum Planning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities" and "Adaptations and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities."

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Because the federal government has declared bilingual or ESL education and special education to be areas of a teacher shortage, you may be eligible for TEACH grants. Be sure to complete your FAFSA and explore any tuition benefits that your district or school offers.

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