Graham School of Management

GSM Alumni Spotlight

The Graham School of Management (GSM) takes pride in providing a first-rate educational experience to our business students, many of whom have gone onto successfully secure internships that oftentimes develop into full-time careers. We invite you to read some of the inspiring stories from former GSM students who've found success after graduating from our program:

Laith Jabra

Laith Jabra

Class of 2015

My professors did not treat me as if I was another face in the crowd; the University had a very intimate and compassionate culture which I feel bigger schools lack. Saint Xavier really wants their students to do well, not just in school but in life. They are constantly offering scholarships, internships and career opportunities. They offer students help with their resume as well as tutoring opportunities.

Michelle Quiroz

Michelle QuirozClass of 2015

I am beginning my professional career in the corporate financial area because I find the corporate culture and people extremely supportive. I feel that they truly care about their employees. It's not surprising that I was attracted to this sense of community, given my experiences here at SXU. Another high impact experience for me has been the opportunity to form close friendships with a very diverse group of people. My experiences at SXU have helped me break down barriers and pre-conceived notions about individuals from other cultures and backgrounds, thus allowing me to form relationships and connections I never thought were possible. It's the small things that really matter. Sometimes these little things end up having the greatest impact on one's experience. I have taken advantage of so many resources offered here as a Saint Xavier student. Multiple jobs, internships, and scholarship opportunities have helped me finish college with minimal dependence on loans.

Alex Walters

Alex WaltersClass of 2015

My time spent at Saint Xavier University's Graham School of Management can best be described as both challenging and rewarding. During my time enrolled in the AACSB accredited Graham School, I had the privilege of being instructed by many experienced and knowledgeable professors. Graham School professors not only teach the fundamentals of their respective fields, but also prepare their students for their future professions through the use of intensive case studies, critical thinking exercises, and stimulating group work. Saint Xavier's Graham School primes its students to be responsible leaders and effective managers in a diverse and ever-changing global society while always putting an emphasis on ethical management. As I move onto my future endeavors, I will always be proud to say I graduated from an accredited business school that embraces the diversity of a changing world and prepares its students for life after college.

Chris Draper

Chris DraperClass of 2014

Saint Xavier University enabled me to be successful during my collegiate career with its flexible class schedules and its dedicated faculty. The Graham School of management built an education foundation for me to apply during my internships at Scottrade and William Blair & Company.

Greg Parr

Greg ParrClass of 2008

My positive experiences with GSM did not stop at graduation. Because many of my professors are also highly respected professionals in the local business community, I was able to stay in contact with many of them as I pursued my career. I also take great pride being a member of the GSM Alumni Advisory Board and especially the BEST Mentorship Program helping current business students succeed.