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Brian Hill

Brian HillAssistant Professor of Management, Director of Hospitality Management


Educational Philosophy

There is no such thing as school; it is a business. Your book bag is a brief case, and you have a job. That job is to gain as much information during your business meetings as you possibly can to have the life that you desire and deserve. How bad do you want it?

Favorite Phrase

"Those who succeed are those who are allergic to broke."


Dr. Hill originates from Buffalo, New York. He is a father, friend, business owner and, as some consider, a sociocultural activist educator. Above all, he is a motivated motivator. Hill now presents as an expert in urban hospitality education and motivational speaker.

Dr. Hill is credited with providing career education in the city of Chicago yielding over 15,000 nationally recognized certifications to its high school and adult student population. Over 2,000 of these certifications have been accomplished by Chicago Public School students in 18 career academies.

Certifications and Licenses

In addition, Dr. Hill holds the following certifications and licenses:

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