Leadership and Public Administration

Leadership Public Administration

Leadership and Public Administration

Completing your Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Public Administration will prepare you to pursue a career in public sector management in government agencies or non-governmental organizations or in consulting with private firms. Through hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom, you will develop your skills at bargaining, negotiation and conflict resolution. Learn to navigate local, state and national political environments; analyze and recommend public policies; and become a leader for positive change in society.

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What skills will I gain as a Leadership and Public Administration major?

  • Knowledge: Learn about different policy issues; their political contexts, processes and outcomes; and different lenses to analyze these issues.
  • Critical Thinking: Question arguments, analyze policy outcomes and evaluate competing responses to policy issues.
  • Written Communication: Construct memos that cogently communicate your policy evaluations and recommendations.
  • Problem-Solving: Examine important policy problems and devise solutions as you apply your knowledge, critical thought and communication, evaluating the best ways to address the problems you confront.
  • Negotiation: Think strategically about bargaining and negotiation while becoming better able to analyze bargaining situations, manage personnel and resolve conflicts.
  • Experience: Bring your experience into the classroom and apply your classroom learning to the practical problems you face in your job or internship.
  • Professionalism: Your experiences and learning will prepare you to interact confidently with others in local and global professional organizations.

Why study Leadership and Public Administration at Saint Xavier?

  • Leadership and public administration is based on learning by doing. At Saint Xavier, you will combine coursework with practical experiences, applying your learning to your job or internships and through simulations. You will not merely study negotiation, but will practice negotiation with other students. You will not merely learn about policy analysis, but will write policy memoranda.
  • This practical, skill-based program will help you evaluate policy, communicate your evaluations and bargain with others to promote your programs and goals, which will make you a more effective administrator.
  • Saint Xavier offers a convenient online program that can be completed in five terms.
  • While online, the classes encourage interaction and camaraderie among program members through online groups, discussion boards and video chatting. SXU promotes a strong sense of community, developing friendships and connections that will last long after you have graduated.
  • SXU has been a part of the life of Chicago for nearly two centuries. Generations of SXU political science students have gone on to work in law, government, journalism and education to improve the lives of our communities.


Please review the program requirements and the course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog for more detailed information.

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