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Graham School of Management

Summer Immersion Course on Financial Trading

Emerging Scholars in Finance Certificates

Saint Xavier University offers a three-day immersion experience at Saint Xavier University's new Graham School of Management Center for the Study of Financial Markets and Derivatives. This special immersion experience is open to academically talented high school juniors and rising seniors interested in areas related to business, finance and technology. We extend this invitation to students to area high schools for this special opportunity with major focus on high-end students from minority high schools. The students successfully competing the course will be awarded the certificate in Emerging Scholar in Finance.

Founded through a grant by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group Foundation, the Center for the Study of Financial Markets and Derivatives at Saint Xavier University offers students hands-on experience using state-of-the-art financial technology. The Center will provide understanding of trading, risk management, and other financial concepts, in order to educate students interested in potential careers in areas such as business and finance.

Team Competition

Upon completion of the immersion program, the students from respective schools will compete as a group. The winners will be honored with plaques.

Course Description

This course will study fundamentals of trading in stocks, bonds, futures and other financial instruments. It will use state-of-the-art financial analytics software to learn about trading and markets. This hands-on basic financial trading literacy course will provide understanding of the complex global financial markets to actively construct portfolios. Students will spend time using the software at workstations in the Center for Study of Financial Markets and Derivatives at Saint Xavier University. Uses and abuses of financial trading will be discussed to alert students to pitfalls that lead to financial crisis. At the end of the course a certificate of completion will be presented to those who will successfully complete this accelerated course.

For more information on offerings, please contact the Graham School of Management at 773-298-3600.



"The Emerging Scholar in Finance Summer Immersion Program was a great opportunity to reach out and begin to explore the field of finance and trading. Professor Hoque made complex concepts come to life with wonderful analogies, ensuring every student could understand the theories and practices of basic finance and global markets." - Spencer Scott, Harvard University Sophomore


"Your course has had an immense effect on my son Marc Berkowicz. He frequently shares that he 'learned this in the finance summer immersion class...'" - Walter Berkowicz, Enterprise Architect, Allstate