Saint Xavier University Mary's Circle

Graduate Programs

Typical CSD Course Sequence

Fall I (11 Hours)
CSDIG 502: Dev. Disorders of Speech
CSDIG 503: Dev. Disorders of Language
CSDIG 522: Acquired Disorders of Language
CSDIG 515: Practicum I
Spring I (11 or 12 Hours)
CSDIG 500: Assessment
CSDIG 551: Dysphagia
CSDIG 594: Introduction to Research
CSDIG 516: Practicum II or
CSDIG 517: Practicum III
Summer (3-8 Hours)
CSDIG 521: Acquired Disorders of Speech
CSDIG 510: Practicum in Diagnostics
CSDIG 516: Advanced Clinical Practicum II
Elective Seminars
Fall II (6-10 Hours)
CSDIG 505: Aural Rehabilitation
Elective Seminars
CSDIG 516 or CSDIG 517
CSDIG 514: Practicum in Prevention
End of Semester Comprehensive Exams
Spring II (6-9 Hours)
CSDIG 512: Clinical Practicum in the Schools
CSDIG 513: Clinical Practicum: Medical
CSDIG 501: Management
CSDIG 599: Thesis Research