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Graduate Programs

FNP Certificate Program

The online Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate program enables a nurse who already holds a master's degree in nursing to be prepared as a specialist in the delivery of primary care services to individuals and families in a wide variety of settings. The program emphasizes health promotion and wellness as well as the management of common and complex health problems. Graduates are eligible to take the family nurse practitioner certification exam.

Students admitted as post-master's certificate students will speak with the FNP program director prior to enrollment to develop an individualized plan of study. The individualized plan of study will vary in total number of credits, depending on the student's previous graduate-level coursework in nursing and its recency. The student's previous master's study will be evaluated for successful completion of courses and/or content equivalent to the following Saint Xavier University MSN courses:

Note: If these courses were not included in the student's prior master's study, the student must take the course(s) as part of their post-MSN FNP certificate program.

*These courses must have been completed within five years of enrollment in the post-master's FNP certificate program or they will need to be taken as part of the certificate program. Students who have taken a graduate level advanced health assessment course within the past five years will be required to demonstrate proficiency in advanced health assessment by return demonstration prior to enrollment in NURSG 519 and NURGP 519.

Specialty FNP Courses