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Digital Marketing Career Outlook


A program that generally prepares individuals to undertake and manage the process of developing consumer audiences and moving products from producers to consumers. Includes instruction in buyer behavior and dynamics, principle of marketing research, demand analysis, cost-volume and profit relationships, pricing theory, marketing campaign and strategic planning, market segments, advertising methods, sales operations and management, consumer relations, retailing, and applications to specific products and markets.

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Career Outlook

Explore the subsections below to learn more about the potential skills a student with a digital marketing major can develop as well as the potential positions, areas, and employers that hire students with this degree. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.


As a digital marketing major, students may develop of advance skills including listening, persuasion/negotiation, judgment and decision making, coordination, interpersonal communication, creativity, analytical, organizational, public speaking, resiliency, time management.


Graduates with a degree in digital marketing can work as internet marketing specialists, event planners, marketing assistants, fundraisers, public relations specialist, market researcher, advertising and promotions specialist, sales representatives, content specialists, user experience designers, media planners, social media managers.


Graduates with a degree in digital marketing can work within the following areas: sales and promotions, corporations, nonprofits, market research, project management.


Graduates with a degree in digital marketing can work for service providers, print and electronic media, advertising/promotions/marketing, consumer products, healthcare, music and sports, trade/industry associations, web application companies.

Helpful Resources

Use the employment opportunity resources below to kickstart your preprofessional and or professional experience search. You may also identify a professional or student organization to join and network with individuals in your major and field. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.



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