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Early Childhood Education Cougar Map

The Cougar Map is intended to guide you with suggestions for potential activities and career paths that can help you along your educational journey. Although everyone has different abilities, experiences and challenges, this Cougar Map can be used with the help of your advisors to prepare for the future you want with a clear vision of your college-to-career pathway. Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog and academic planning resources for detailed degree requirements.

Sharpen intellectual and practical skills First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
  • Creativity skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexibility skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills.
  • Public speaking skills
  • Resourcefulness skills
  • Instructional technology skills
Engage with key resources on campus

Meet with your academic advisor to ensure you have a dear understanding of your program requirements.

Seek mentoring from junior and senior education majors.

Seek tutoring for math and/or scholarship opportunities.

Explore education-related scholarship opportunities.

Get to know faculty of the Education Department.

Form or join study groups with education majors.

Meet with the Center for SUCCESS to develop your resume and explore relevant experiences.

Meet with the Center for SUCCESS to develop networking skills and review your resume for student-teaching application.

Apply for Senior I Student Teaching.

Meet with the Center for SUCCESS to refine your resume, learn interviewing skills and gain an understanding about applying for teaching opportunities.

Explore your global and social responsibility through leadership and service

Join registered student organizations and take on an active role in them to develop leadership skills.

Join the Education Club and regularly participate in its activities.

Register for Cougars LEAD and pursue a leadership certificate.

Serve in a leadership role for a registered student organization.

Apply for X-Factor student leadership roles.

Contact Campus Ministry for local and campus service opportunities.

Participate in a spring break service trip.

Serve as a peer mentor for freshman and sophomore Education majors.

Complete the Cougars LEAD Certificate by designing a capstone leadership or service leadership program.

Serve as a peer mentor for next year's student-teachers.

Join professional associations related to education and assist those organizations with their events.

Explore potential career opportunities and pre-professional experiences

Use the Handshake system to secure a position in education as tutor or after-school assistant with a local school or community program.

Volunteer in an education setting or in a role that requires you to serve as an educator.

Attain an on-campus position as a tutor.

Search Handshake for pre-professional opportunities working with children.

Secure an off-campus position in education that will help diversify your background with relevant experiences.

Complete an education research project for a conference presentation.

Attend seminars related to the field of education.

Attend the SXU Internship and Job Fair to discuss current teaching opportunities.

Attend alumni networking events to establish connections with possible teaching opportunities.

Plan for productive and meaningful summers

Create a LinkedIn profile to gain insight from experienced teachers.

Create a CourseNetworking profile.

Participate in service opportunities.

Develop your teaching portfolio.

Attain your paraprofessional licensure.

Secure a position as a paraprofessional or teacher aide for a summer program.

Participate in a study abroad experience.

Apply for teaching opportunities.