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English Career Outlook

A program that focuses on the general study and interpretation of the past, including the gathering, recording, synthesizing and criticizing of evidence and theories about past events. Includes instruction in historiography; historical research methods; studies of specific periods, issues and cultures; and applications to areas such as historic preservation, public policy, and records administration.

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Career Outlook

Explore the subsections below to learn more about the potential skills a student with an english major can develop as well as the potential positions, areas, and employers that hire students with this degree. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.


As an English major, students may develop or advance skills including critical thinking, analyzing, synthesizing and summarizing information, research, proofreading and editing, public speaking, and understanding and appreciating others' perspective and creativity.


Graduates with a degree in English can work as Journalists, Public Relations Specialists, Technical Writers, Freelance Writers, Authors, Teachers, Broadcasters, Editors, Marketing Analysts, Artists, Grant Writers, Speech Writers and Development Professionals.


Graduates with a degree in English can work within the following areas: writings/editing, technical communication, publishing, education, advertising, public relations, business, media, government agencies, consulting and law.


Graduates with a degree in English can work for newspapers, magazines, broadcast media companies, internet, corporations, government agencies, universities, technical industries, freelance, publishers, schools, libraries, museums, non-profits, public relation firms, real estate firms, insurance firms, banks, and law firms.

Helpful Resources

Use the employment opportunity resources below to kickstart your preprofessional and or professional experience search. You may also identify a professional or student organization to join and network with individuals in your major and field. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.