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Math Cougar Map

The Cougar Map is intended to guide you with suggestions for potential activities and career paths that can help you along your educational journey. Although everyone has different abilities, experiences and challenges, this Cougar Map can be used with the help of your advisors to prepare for the future you want with a clear vision of your college-to-career pathway. Please refer to the SXU Academic Catalog and academic planning resources for detailed degree requirements.

If you would like to print out the Math Cougar Map, you may print out the Math Cougar Map (PDF).


(Major/minor, summer suggestions, academic research)

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year

Consider applying for the Edwin J. and Mildred B. Keene Mathematics Scholarship.

Get to know your advisor.

Consult the Learning Center/Writing Studio for tutoring in any challenging courses.

Become familiar with the HUB and CIDAT for all your technical needs.

Apply for the Catherine H. Malin Scholarship.

Apply for the Sylvia M. Schlunk Award.

Consider summer courses to catch up or get ahead in your education.

Begin work on your topic for your Senior Seminar independent research project.

Collaborate with faculty on possible research opportunities.


(Service, global perspective, study abroad, clubs/RSOs, volunteering))

Consider joining a student club or intramural sports team.

Enroll in Cougars LEAD that supports leadership development and begin working on your leadership certificate.

Explore opportunities to work on campus or get involved with service opportunities through Campus Ministry.

Participate actively in registered student organizations, such as the Archimedeans Math Club, Student Government Association and Student Activities Board or another RSO.

Take on a leadership role within a student club or organization.

Consider participating in a spring break service trip or study abroad.

Look for opportunities to use your advanced mathematical skills.

Join professional organizations such as Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Career Success

(Career or grad school prep, internships, jobs)

Create your profile and apply for on-campus employment on Handshake or look for part-time jobs to build your resume with the help of the Center for SUCCESS.

Attend SXU's career-related events throughout your time at SXU and network with professionals.

Create a LinkedIn profile and make connections within your academic and personal circles.

Connect with the Center for SUCCESS to explore possible career paths and create a resume focused on career goals.

Consult Handshake for pre-professional internship positions.

Apply to graduate schools, if applicable.

Research areas of business, education, technology and other fields where a math degree can be helpful.

Ensure that your LinkedIn or other professional social media accounts reflect all your recent experiences.

Explore entry-level full-time opportunities related to your skills.