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Five Ways an MSMS Degree CAN Launch Your Career


  1. Potential for Improved MCAT Scores, Academic Record and Enhanced Admission Credentials 

    Each year, over 100,000 college graduates take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). In doing so, they compete for some 25,000 first-year medical school seats. The curriculum for our Master of Science in Medical Sciences program is designed to help graduates of the program improve their MCAT score as well as prepare you for the first year of medical school in just one year. Graduates of our MSMS program have the opportunity to improve their MCAT scores, as well as have their academic record and admission credentials enhanced.

  2. The Opportunity to Increase Success on Your Board Exams Once You Are in Medical School

    Often students in their first year of medical school become surprised or overwhelmed by the speed at which an enormous amount of material is covered -- and by the fact they are hearing so many new terms and concepts. Because our MSMS curriculum mirrors the first year of medical school, graduates will spend less time during their first year of medical school trying to learn what a term is and more time understanding what it does

  3. Confirm Your Aspirations About Medical School -- or Identify a Variety of Related and Achievable Alternatives

    Most students who enter into a master's program in health care with the dream of medical school, find other health care career paths more suitable. If that happens after your first year of medical school, it will be a costly experience without obtaining any academic credentials. However, if that happens after completing a Master of Science in Medical Sciences degree, you will have a highly marketable master's degree with opportunities in viable health care fields such as:

    Dentistry -- Nursing -- Podiatry -- Optometry -- Chiropractic -- Pharmacy school and/or pharmaceutical industry

  4. Help Level the Playing Field Between You and The Competition

    We understand all good students do not get accepted into medical school after graduating with a pre-med degree. We do not want that to discourage those students from following his or her dream of becoming a physician and switching career paths. Our MSMS degree will allow you to further develop and enhance your academic record to prepare you to apply, or reapply, to medical school. Once in medical school, SXU will have provided you a head start and even a leg up so that during your first year, you're studying material with which you're familiar. This familiarity can prove to be a real advantage when you find yourself in a classroom full of medical students. In other words, our MSMS will help level the playing field between you and the competition.

  5. Experience A Remarkable and Proven-Successful Innovation in Health Sciences Education

    The learning system in place at Saint Xavier is like nothing you've ever experienced. We provide videotaped lectures and a 'flipped' classroom for active engagement and small group learning. In the MSMS program, you will cover virtually all material associated with the first year of medical school. And, in doing so, you will answer thousands of questions. And we will track every answer to every question! The data collected daily from you and your classmates is combined will identify subjects where you need help and highlight areas where you excel. The result is an extremely robust educational experience. In this program, you can significantly improve your MCAT scores -- and excel during your first year of medical school. You will also leave our master's program with a clear indication of the best path toward success in medicine and health sciences.

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