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Natural Science Career Outlook

The Natural Science Program prepares students for a combined or undifferentiated focus on one or more of the physical and biological sciences. 

To find out more about your major including potential areas and employers, required skills, job outlook, and median pay, please access the Occupational Outlook Handbook or the O*Net website. 

Career Outlook

Explore the subsections below to learn more about the potential skills a student with a Natural Science major can develop as well as the potential positions, areas and employers that hire students with this degree. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.


As a Natural Science major, students may develop or advance skills including analytical, laboratory, math, computer, statistics, scientific and data analysis, oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem solving, logic and creativity.


Graduates with a degree in Natural Science can work as biological technicians, environment ecologists, environmental restoration planners, materials scientists, park naturalists, forest and conservation technicians, pollution control technicians, forensic scientists, occupational health and safety specialists, chemical technicians, environmental scientists, teachers and pharmacists.


Graduates with a degree in Natural Science can work within the following areas: agricultural sciences, biomedical engineering, botany, dentistry, ecology, education and teaching, epidemiology and community health, environmental research, food service and technology, forensic science, forestry, industrial processes, manufacturing, marketing, materials science, medical research, medicine, natural resource management, nutrition and dietetics, patent law, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, public health, public or private research, quality control, safety assessment and design, sustainability design, toxicology and veterinary medicine.


Graduates with a degree in Natural Science can work for government agencies, agricultural and chemical companies, food and feed industries, private research labs, consulting firms, chemical instrumentation companies, hospital laboratories, health departments, pharmaceutical organizations, cosmetic companies, automotive companies, mining companies, electronics organizations, universities, and schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and correctional facilities.  

Helpful Resources 

Use the employment opportunity resources below to kickstart your pre-professional or professional experience search. You may also identify a professional or student organization to join and network with individuals in your major and field. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should be used as a starting point.