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Art Education Career Outlook


Art Education is a specialization under the Art and Design major. As an interdisciplinary track, Art Education combines learning in art and design practices, art history and visual culture and the pedagogy of performance as a visual art teacher. In this track you will be trained to be an artist/designer-teacher -- a professional in creative expression and education.

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Career Outlook

Explore the subsections below to learn more about the potential skills you can develop at SXU with a major in Art and Design with a specialization in Art Education, as well as the potential positions and employers that hire graduates with this degree. Please note that these are not exhaustive lists and should only be used as a starting point.


As an Art and Design major with a specialization in Art Education, students may develop or advance skills including creativity, visual literacy, design, instruction, problem solving, critical thinking and analysis, time management, and communication.


Graduates with a degree in Art and Design with a specialization in Art Education can work as an instructor, researcher, art therapist, painter, sculptor, illustrator, art director, curator, museum technician, conservator, fashion designer, photographer, craft artist, multimedia artist, set and exhibit designer, and animator.


Graduates with a degree in Art and Design with a specialization in Art Education can work within the following areas: education, art therapy, museums and galleries, fine arts and crafts, graphic design, media, photography, art sales, and fashion, textile, and interior design.


Graduates with a degree in Art and Design with a specialization in Art Education can work for K-12 schools, universities, art schools, community programs, libraries, museums, galleries, historical societies, community centers, auction houses, studios, advertising agencies, design firms, department stores, television, greeting card companies, hospitals, mental health facilities, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, book publishers, and print design studios.


Helpful Resources

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