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Testimonies and Showcases

Nathaly Gal, Alumni

"My Me@SXU e-Portfolio is not just a representation of my accomplishments, it's a representation of me."

"I first began using me@SXU e-Portfolio while it was being designed for students. Very quickly I realized just how beneficial the tool truly is for students entering the workforce. The Me@SXU e-Portfolio allows users to personalize their Profile by creating sections in addition to the built-in features.

The best way that I can summarize a Me@SXU e-Portfolio is by comparing with other social networking tools. I would call Me@SXU e-Portfolio the perfect combination of LinkedIn with Facebook, creating a professional space where users interact and engage freely.

As I created my Me@SXU e-Portfolio, I discovered that the tool was organizing my biggest accomplishments into an organized space. This allowed me to feel at ease with my future self, knowing that I would otherwise have lost the majority of these files."

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