Office of Records and Registration

How Advisors Are Assigned

The Process

Advisors are assigned shortly after the start of your first semester. The Records and Advising staff assigns advisors to students who are advised by professional staff within its office. The Office of Records and Advising is not responsible for faculty advisor assignments; please speak with the individual department/school for questions about a specific faculty advisor.

It is generally the student's responsibility to obtain his/her advisor information. While some advisors (including those in Records and Advising) send emails to their advisees once a semester, others do not.

If you do not know who your advisor is as registration approaches, check with the Office of Records and Advising or the department of your arts and sciences major to get this information. You may also check Self-Service on mySXU, under Registration/Has my advisor given me approval?

Program Advisor Assignment

Business and accounting majors with fewer than 60 credit hours

Elementary and early childhood "pre-education" majors

Nursing majors in the pre-clinical stage of the program

Liberal studies majors

Undecided students

A professional staff advisor in the Office of Records and Advising

College of Arts and Sciences department majors (English, History, Biology, Psychology, etc.)

Junior/Senior-level Business and accounting majors

Elementary and early childhood education majors eligible for methods courses

Clinical stage Nursing majors

A faculty member within the individual department/school
Off-campus students, including Chicago Police Academy and other cohort groups Professional or faculty advisor at each respective site