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What Students Should Know About CLAWS and Self-Service

CLAWS (The Cougar Local Academic Web Site) on mySXU allows prospective students to pay tuition and housing deposits online, submit housing contracts, review financial aid packages, accept and decline financial aid offerings, view degree program evaluations, and much more.

Getting Your CLAWS Account

When a prospective student applies to Saint Xavier University, the student receives a temporary CLAWS net ID and password by email in order to access CLAWS. This email is sent from to the email address the student submitted on their application.

Accessing CLAWS:

  1. Visit CLAWS
  2. Log-in using your temporary CLAWS net ID and password provided to you when you applied to Saint Xavier University. This will come via email from to the email address the student submitted on their application.
  3. If you do not know your temporary net ID and password, click on the "Get my netID/Password" link on the bottom right corner of the CLAWS homepage.
  4. If you are unable to retrieve your net ID and password using this process, contact the Office of Admission at or at 800-462-9288.

Financial Aid information on CLAWS

Students are sent an initial financial aid award letter by mail. In an effort to be eco-friendly, and to speed up the awarding process, all subsequent financial aid communication is sent to the student by email. If your financial aid package changes or is updated, you will receive an email directing you to view your updated financial aid package on CLAWS. Log into CLAWS using the Accessing CLAWS instructions listed above.

Submitting Housing Contract/Deposit on CLAWS

Students who are interested in living on campus must complete the housing contract and deposit form through CLAWS.

Fill out the housing contract online by logging in to CLAWS. After you have logged in to CLAWS:

  • Click on Prospective Students or Students under the main menu.
  • Select the Tuition Deposit/Housing Deposit/Housing Contract link.
  • Proceed by selecting the Undergraduate Housing Deposit and/or Housing Contract.

Please visit the apply for housing page for more information.

Self-Service allows students to view course offerings, register, drop/add classes, check grades, schedules, view course history, print enrollment verifications, and pay tuition online.

Getting Your Self-ServiceAccount

All admitted students, after their first registration at SXU, receive usernames and passwords. Approximately two weeks after your initial registration for classes or freshman orientation, you will receive a letter via USPS mail with your account information.

Accessing and Using Self-Service

You can access Self-Service through mySXU. You may simply follow the other menu links to navigate your account. Help and instruction links are posted on the site. Remember to click "Log Out" at the top of the page when finished, especially if you are using a shared computer, to avoid others accessing your academic information.


Admitted undergraduate students and graduate students in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences or the Education Department must have their advisor's approval in order to register on Self-Service. All other students do not need their advisor's approval to register, but should check with their advisor regarding appropriate course options.

To retrieve your assigned time slot for registration, please visit Self-Service. Under the Students Menu, click on the "Registration Priority Time Assignment" link and follow the online instructions.

  • Undergraduate students can log in and register anytime after scheduled time assigned.
  • Admitted, currently enrolled graduate students can register at any time.

Once you have registered and have done the final submission, print your schedule. In accordance with University policy, beginning with the second week of the semester, an instructor's signature is required to add a class.

"Registration" and "add" are the same function on Self-Service. Since that can't be automated, neither initial registration nor adding will be permitted on Self-Service after the first week of the semester. You may still register and/or add to your schedule either in the Office of Records and Advising, A-203, in the Warde Academic Center on the campus.

Advisor Approval

In order to register on Self-Service, undergraduate students must have the electronic approval of their advisor. You can see approval status by clicking on "Has My Advisor Given Me Registration Approval?" on the Student selection menu on Self-Service. Select the term you want to see and click submit. You will see the name of your advisor, her/his telephone extension, the term requested and whether or not you have been approved.

Be sure to discuss your new schedule with your advisor in advance of registration week, so he or she can submit an electronic approval "flag," allowing you to sign up for classes. You do not need additional online approvals set if you wish to add/drop classes for the same term.

All graduate students in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences or the Education Department must have electronic approval in order to register on Self-Service. All admitted graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Graham School of Management may register on Self-Service without electronic approval.

Adding Sections

Registration and add are the same function in Self-Service. Beginning with your first eligible day, you may use Self-Service to register or add a course to your schedule. This function will be available until the end of the first week of the term. Beginning with the second week of the semester, you must process any registration or add in the Office of Records and Advising.

Dropping Sections

You may use Self-Service to drop a course anytime between the first day you are eligible to register and the last day to drop a class. Please be aware that a class may be dropped without academic penalty until the 3/4 point of the semester or term (dates to be determined and published each semester by the Office of Records and Advising). You are responsible for knowing these dates.


If you register for a section that is waitlisted and a space becomes available, you will be notified via your SXU myMail account that a space has become available for you. You will then have the option to enroll for this course via Self-Service. You will have three days to enroll in the course from the time that the email is sent. If you do not enroll within the three days, you will forfeit your permission to register for this course.

Classroom Building Codes

The classroom building codes are as follows:

  • ACC - Andrew Conference Center
  • CMC - Campus Media Center
  • GSM - Graham School of Management
  • MMC - Mercy Ministry Center
  • SHC - Shannon Center
  • VAC - Visual Arts Center
  • WAC - Warde Academic Center

Grade Reports

Grades are available on Self-Service. Any student may request a hard copy of their grades by filling out a request form in the Office of Records and Advising, or submitting a request via mail, fax or email. All grade reports will be sent to the mailing address of record.


Treat your password as securely as your ATM card. No one can gain access to your records on Self-Service unless you allow it. Your password is encrypted. Once you change it, no one at Saint Xavier University has access to that information. If you lose or forget your password, it must be reset. If you need to have it reset, access Self-Service and click on Students. Click on "Forget Your Password? Request a New One" and fill out the requested information. A new password will be sent to your SXU myMail account.