Office of Records and Registration

Taking a TEAS Exam

Exam Information

Note: The deadline to take a TEAS exam for spring semester is October 1.

The total cost of the TEAS exam is $115.00 - $50.00 SXU registration fee, and $65.00 ATI testing fee. (including tax $69.06)

SXU is an "open" TEAS testing center -- anyone can take an exam on the campus. The Office of Records and Registration administers TEAS exams each academic term.

The TEAS test is a requirement of all students interested in applying to Saint Xavier University's School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Only the TEAS exam will be accepted; any student who has taken a previous version must take the TEAS exam. For more information, students should review the following information:


To register for a TEAS exam: