Communication Sciences and Disorders Faculty

William F. Sennett

William Sennett

Coordinator, Undergraduate CSD Program
Associate Professor


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Sample of Thesis Advising

Rubillar, C. (2017). Paralinguistic use of prosody and compensatory strategies in alaryngeal speakers. Graduate thesis.

Enzendorfer, L. (2016). Effect of voice therapy on perception of leadership capabilities in females. Graduate thesis.

Kobel, A. (2015). Perceptions of people who stutter: The approachability of unfamiliar listeners. Graduate thesis.

Kolker, A. (2015). Vocal hygiene and voice quality in trained singers. Undergraduate Honors Project.

Ahmad, T. (2014). Effect of silent versus oral reading on comprehension in aphasia. Graduate thesis.

Quadri, S. (2013). Stop consonant voice onset time in bilingual Spanish/English speakers. Graduate thesis.

Kowalski, A.M. (2012). Acoustic vowel differences in childhood apraxia of speech. Graduate thesis.

Smith, N. (2005). Effects of speaking experience on native Spanish speakers' productions of English vowels. Graduate thesis.

Sharp, J. (2000). Is there a higher incidence of voice disorders in army drill sergeants than in non-military personnel? Graduate project.