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Brad Leshinske


Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Exercise Science, Sports and Fitness Administration, and Physical Education




I started as an athlete at North Park University playing football. As a senior I worked at Atheltico Physical therapy doing rehab aid work with adults and athletes. Post-graduation I worked as a personal trainer in Highland Park where I began their first speed and agility class. I worked with over 60 clients a week in personal training and with over 30 athletes a week in sports performance. I left Highland Park and worked at TP Sports, just training athletes. Within that facility we had some of the best athletes on the south side of Chicago train there. I opened my own facility in 2008 called Atheltic Edge Sports Performance. During that time from 2008 through 2012 I trained over 5,000 athletes in various sports. I moved to Florida in pursuit of helping a friend's business out in which we trained more than 100 athletes a day from youth do professional. In 2014 I started my master's degree in Human Performance at Rocky Mountain University, I also moved back to Chicago. In 2015 I graduated with my master's and started my Ph.D. program at the same university. I have taught at North Park University, Harper College, Trinity Christian University and Lewis University.

Clinical Interests

Functional Movement Screen, Effects of load on movement, Program design variations and their effect on sport

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