Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

STRONG Program

Career Presenter

The STRONG Program helps to empower college males to make positive academic and life choices that enable them to maximize their potential. This program depends on adult volunteers to commit to support, guide, and build a positive relationship with college males here at Saint Xavier University for a period of at least one academic semester. In this case, the program will consist of African-American/Black and Hispanic/Latino students who will be meeting during the semester.

A Career Presenter is a person responsible for presenting sessions/events related to a specific career choice. The presenter's main purpose would be to engage with the audience in the presentation. The actual tasks would typically include:

  1. Scheduling a meeting with members of STRONG Planning Team to go through event format and theme.
  2. Creating presentation on specific career choice.
  3. Assuring presentation is informative and stimulates participants' interest.
  4. Incorporating a minimum of one visual aid, which can consist of a flyer, PowerPoint, brochure, poster board, etc.

TIME COMMITMENT: Creating and presenting a 30-60 minute presentation for between 5 and 20 men.

*Optional: Career Presenters may arrange for field visits to their particular places of work or to another destination related to their career choices to expose participants to another aspect of the career/area of study. In addition, Career Presenters may attend as many STRONG events and activities as possible that are held in addition to the weekly team meetings, including any outreach programs aimed at area middle and high school youth.