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May Term Information

May term courses offer intensive educational experiences. May Term housing may only be available if a minimum of 20 current residents request housing. Please contact the Office of Residence Life directly at to request a May Term 2019 Housing Contract by April 17, 2019.

May Term Courses

May term courses are posted below!

Section Title Method General Education Offerings
ANTH 265-01 Middle Eastern Cultures LECT Foreign Culture, Middle Eastern Studies, Social Science, Global Studies
BIOL 207-01 Nutrition LECT Life Science
CHEM 102-01 What's in Our Food LECT Physical Science
COMM 101-01 Speech Fundamentals LECT Speech (Discounted Tuition)
COMM 333-01 Hip Hop Communication LECT Diversity Studies
ECON 201-01 Principle Economics - Microeconomics LECT Social Science
ENGL 154-01 Introduction to Literature LECT Literature
FYS 175-01 First-Year Seminar LECT First Year Seminar (Discounted Tuition)
MGMT 340-01 International Business LECT  
MES 265-01 Middle Eastern Cultures LECT Foreign Culture, Middle Eastern Studies
PHIL 140-01 The Examined Life LECT Philosophy (Discounted Tuition)
PHIL 200-01 Ethics LECT Philosophy
PSYCH 206-01 Social Psychology ONLN  
PSYCH 313-01 Personality Theories LECT  

Admitted Students

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Non-Admitted Students

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