Summer Sessions

May Term Information

SXU's May Term offers an intense, innovative academic experience on campus. Courses often represent all parts of the University's curriculum, fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. While completing a May Term course is not required, students enjoy these concentrated explorations of a specific subject and benefit from working closely with faculty members for these three week experiences.

Planning for May Term

Students should begin thinking and talking with advisers about May Term during the fall semester.

2020 May Term Courses

May term courses are posted below!

Section Title Method General Education Offerings
ANTH 265-01 Middle Eastern Cultures LECT Social Science, Foreign Culture, Global Studies
BIOL 207-01 Nutrition LECT Life Science
CHEM 102-01 What's in Our Food LECT Physical Science
CHEM 103-01 Environmental Science LECT Physical Science, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
FYS 175-01 First-Year Seminar LECT First-Year Seminar (Discounted Tuition)
PHIL 200-01 Ethics LECT Philosophy

Admitted Students

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Non-Admitted Students

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