Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders Career outlook

Why Choose a Communication Sciences and Disorders Career?

In combination with graduate study in the field, a major in communication sciences and disorders leads to a rewarding career working with individuals across the life span, ranging from premature infants to older adults. The major also provides valuable knowledge about communication and its various disorders for persons interested in other service oriented professions, especially those whose focus is assisting persons with disabilities.

Students who obtain an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders and plan for a career as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist must complete advanced study at an accredited graduate program. The entry-level degree for a speech-language pathologist is a master's degree, and for an audiologist, a clinical doctorate. Most speech-language pathologists find employment in schools, medical settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers or nursing care facilities, or private practice.

Recent graduates of our undergraduate program have pursued graduate degrees at a number of different universities, including Saint Xavier University, Northwestern University, Rush University, Northern Illinois University, Purdue University and St. Louis University.