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Computer Science

Computer Science Learning Outcomes

Saint Xavier University is dedicated to providing top-quality education that is intentionally designed to develop your skills and expertise as you prepare for the next step in your education or career. The learning outcomes reflect the specific competencies that you will gain from our Computer Science program, while the curriculum map portrays how these competencies will shape and prepare you for the real world.

Learning Outcomes

Computer Science Learning Outcomes

Students who major in Computer Science should be able to:

  • Design algorithms to solve moderate to complex problems.
  • Translate algorithms into computer programs that support sophisticated data structures and the object-oriented programming paradigm.
  • Demonstrate an ability to read programming code written by others.
  • Create websites using best practices in design, accessibility and flexibility.
  • Respond to the user perspective in the development of computer systems.
  • Implement standard computer network designs.
  • Explain operating systems architectures, concepts and algorithms.
  • Identify the components of the Von Neumann computer architecture and write low-level code.
  • Explain the need for security mechanisms in major spheres of computing, including databases, networks and web applications.
  • Design and maintain relational databases.
  • Explain the larger social and ethical context of computing.
  • Demonstrate independent learning for a variety of computing areas.

Curriculum Maps

Computer Science Curriculum Maps

If you would like to learn more about what you can expect from the programs, please review the following:

  • Computer Science Curriculum Map (PDF)