Graphic Design

Graphic Design Cougar Map

Respecting its mission and heritage, Saint Xavier University is pleased to offer a wide variety of high quality academic programs to a diverse and talented student body.

Sharpen intellectual and practical skills First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
  • Media technique development
  • Art interpretation
  • Artistic development and packaging skills
  • Foundational language of 2D and 3D design
  • Media technique development
  • Art interpretation and contextualization
  • Media technique
  • Cultural and historical art analysis
  • Public speaking
  • Persuasion
  • Written communication
  • Refined artistic skills
Engage with key resources on campus

Connect with classmates and art faculty.

Visit the Learning Center for tutoring help if needed.

Apply for Art Department scholarships.

Identify three hours of studio time per week.

Prepare for first-year portfolio review due in January

Utilize the HUB and Center for Instructional Design and Technology (CIDAT).

Apply for Art Department scholarships.

Identify six to nine hours of studio time per week.

Prepare for sophomore portfolio review due in January.

Apply for scholarships.

Talk with faculty about future career or graduate school plans.

Identify nine to 12 hours of studio time per week.

Prepare for junior portfolio due in January and a project proposal for April.

Visit Career Services to create a job search plan.

Attend local and SXU alumni networking events to connect with professionals.

Identify 12 hours of studio time.

Prepare Senior Seminar project proposal for April.

Prepare for the Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Explore your global and social responsibility through leadership and service

Enroll in Cougars LEAD to track all your co-curricular involvement.

Join service clubs and attend campus events featured on The Den.

In the spring, apply for X-Factor Leadership opportunities.

Participate in registered student organizations.

Apply for X-Factor leadership opportunities.

Participate in a Spring Break Service Trip.

Become a leader/board member in a registered student organization.

Find organizations to utilize your design and art skills to contribute to a noble cause.

Complete the Cougars LEAD Leadership Certificate program by creating a capstone leadership or service project.

Design and plan creative events on or off campus.

Consult with Campus Ministry to find local service opportunities.

Explore potential career opportunities and pre-professional experiences

Apply for on-campus employment or look for part-time jobs in the area to build your resume.

Research art-related careers.

Apply for art-related campus jobs in areas such as University Relations, Production Services, the SXU Gallery and the Visual Arts Center.

Explore internships at places like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Beverly Arts Center, Art Institute of Chicago and Solutions 3 Graphics.

Take advantage of internships and other preprofessional opportunities.

Explore entry-level full-time opportunities related to your skills.

Attend the fall and spring SXU Internship and Job Fairs.

Network with alumni and professionals and conduct informational interviews.

Plan for productive and meaningful summers

Create a CourseNetworking portfolio to build your professional profile.

Complete your Handshake profile to apply for on-campus jobs.

Establish your LinkedIn profile to connect with fellow students, staff members and faculty.

Develop summer studio practice.

Apply for summer internships that offer relevant experience.

Research and prepare to apply for scholarships exclusively for SXU art students.

Expand summer studio practice.

Apply for summer internships that offer advanced skills and experiences.

Participate in art exhibitions and competitions.

Begin producing the senior seminar project.

Apply for teaching opportunities.