History Major

As a history student, you are an investigator of the past. Your mission is to gain a deeper appreciation of your community, city, country and world by learning about the struggles and achievements of those who came before you.

Like creators of myth and legend, you look to the past to explain the present. Unlike them, you seek truth, not fiction. You must follow the evidence, finding clues to the past in books, newspapers, letters, living memories, digital sources and traditions passed down by word of mouth. You will learn what investigators before you have discovered and then add discoveries of your own.

Take History Further

With SXU's History program, you gain transferable skills that serve a fast-changing marketplace.

Check out the careers of SXU's History program alumni:

Why Study History at Saint Xavier University?

Saint Xavier University gives you practical and hands-on experience that allows you to pursue your passion and develop the skills you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. One way we accomplish that is through independent research, as well as student-faculty collaborative research, and the opportunity to present your work at the SXU Research Expo. Watch a recap from the 2019 SXU Research Expo!

In 2018, several students presented their research at the expo, including:

SXU is a unique place to learn about history.

Program Requirements

For more information, please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Office of Admission
Phone: 844-GOTO-SXU (844-468-6798)
Email: admission@sxu.edu