Honors Program

Independent Research

At the SXU Honors Program Undergraduate Conference each year, seniors present the creative or research projects they have been working on for over a year. The culmination of their disciplinary and honors learning experiences, these projects emerge from questions the students themselves articulate, and methods and processes they design with the help of faculty mentors. For support in their pursuits, senior honors students enroll in a multidisciplinary research writing seminar, a structure that embodies Cardinal John Henry Newman's "Idea of a University."

In this essay, Newman argues that the spirit of the university depends upon a broader multidisciplinary engagement--a liberal education as it were. To focus narrowly on the development of professional knowledge and skills is "inharmonious," even "unjust." The sciences, or disciplines, Newman believes, "complete, correct and balance each other," and by educating students in a way that encourages them to apprehend and appreciate the way the sciences interact with each other, the Saint Xavier Honors Program is preparing them to engage with the world's challenges in a more flexible, imaginative way.

Students present the most salient aspects of their work at the one-day conference near the end of April, to which all members of the Saint Xavier community, family and friends are invited. This work is supported by SXU faculty and staff, and by student development grants toward the purchase of research materials, attendance at national conferences, and travel expenses. The program also offers an academic prize for the Best Honors Student Project, awarded at the luncheon following the conference.

Honors Senior Project Awards

Class Year


Luke Archer - "Comparison of the bacterial populations in commercial topsoil with populations in nutrient media of deep water
hydroponic culture of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) (PDF)
(Mentor: Dr. Joseph Dertien)

Gisselle Lopez - "Finding the Mother: The Wollstonecraftian Feminist Influence in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and its Media" (PDF)
(Mentor: Dr. Mary Beth Tegan)

Honors' Class of 2018
Honors Class of 2018


Kody Kleinrichert - "Comparative Analysis of Antioxidant and Anti-amyloidogenic Properties of Various Polyphenol Rich Phytoceutical Extracts"
(Mentor: Dr. Bindhu Alappat)

Honors Class 2017
Honors Class of 2017


Linda Boulton - "The Unemployable Grad: Exploring the Disparity between Perceptions and Expectations of Communication Competence" (Mentor: Dr. L. Renee Robinson)

Brian Laughran - "The Gravedigger: Breaking the Traditional Context of Women in the American Western" (Mentor: Dr. Joel Sternberg)

Honors Class 2016
Honors Class of 2016


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