Sociology Career Opportunities

Why Study Sociology?

Sociology studies human societies, the groups that compose them and the interaction that occurs in them. Greater knowledge of the organization and dynamics of social life is central to a deeper understanding of human behavior. To this end, the sociological perspective is critical to the interpretation of key modern issues, including aging, bureaucracy, crime, discrimination, family, poverty and urban change.

Job Skills Developed in Sociology Majors

As a sociology major, you will be developing occupational skills in this program that include analytical, communication, conducting interviews, research, critical thinking, empathy, information gathering, planning, social perception, writing, conflict resolution/mediation and cross-cultural awareness.

Possible Career Options

Recent graduates of the Saint Xavier sociology program have taken positions in such areas as: banking, administration, health care, management, marketing research, policing, public relations, probation, social work, research and human services. Other areas which employ people with bachelor's degrees in sociology include law, community planning, social research and government agencies.